TempIR Forehead & Ear Thermometer


Most of us, especially as parents, look for a reliable thermometer for the family. We want that balance between fancy and practical, a multitude of features but still easy to use. In these areas, the TempIR Dual-mode Forehead & Ear Thermometer is a winner!

In the box you’ll find the thermometer and a cute little cradle to place it on when not in use. The infrared thermometer comes with two AAA batteries, so it’s ready for use directly out of the box.


Now of course, the focal point of this thermometer is that it can be used on the forehead as well as in the ear canal. The accuracy is within 0.3 degrees, which is very impressive. The thermometer is small enough for easy one handed use, and to be carried on the go. I also found it incredibly user-friendly, and after a quick glance at the instructions, I was ready to try it out!

Using on the Forhead:
You’ll find a blue attachment at the top of the thermometor. This remains on to take the temperature from the forehead. Simply press and hold the F1 button, and slide gently across the forehead, releasing the button. The temperature is immediately displayed (in either Faranheit or Celsius) on the LCD screen. You can even hold the thermometer about an inch away from the forehead, and because of its infrared technology, you’ll still receive an accurate read. The forehead mode is a great option for adults and older kids. My children are two and under, and I found it a little difficult keeping them still long enough to get an accurate read from their heads. So for the younger, squirmy children, you may want to go with the ear mode!


Using in the Ear:
Obtaining a temperature from TempIR’s thermometer in the ear canal is just as easy as the forehead; easier in my opinion. Simply remove the blue top, gently insert the nozzle into the ear (no need to push too deeply), and press the F2 button. The thermometer immediately beeps with the temperature. Seriously, after only using a tratitional mouth thermometer, I was sold on the instant temperatures alone! And when you’re trying to get a read from a fussy 11 month old, the quickness of this thermometer is gold!


Overall Impressions:
● Quick and accurate temperature read
● Backlit LCD display
● Thermometor beeps 7 times when the temperature is above 99.5 degrees Faranheit, indicating a fever
● Compact size fits nicely in the hand
● Scanner holds 20 previous temperatures
● Not complicated to use
● Comes with a cradle to hold it

I really only had one critique, and that was the fit of the removable forehead adapter. I found it to be a struggle to get it off, and had to actually pull rather hard to remove it. Now, this could be because it’s new, and with use it may become less of a difficult, but it’s worth noting.

Head over to their Amazon product page to purchase: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00KCJPPXG/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?qid=1426557834&sr=8-2&keywords=TempIR&pi=AC_SY200_QL40

Disclosure: I received this product for free from the company in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

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