Booginhead Screw Top Squeez’ems

Booginhead makes practical and innovative products that make life with little ones a heck of a lot easier! And with two tots of my own, I was super excited to try their Screw Top Squeez’ems!


Squeez’ems allow you to add your own purees, yogurts, and just about any soft serve foods in a reusable plastic pouch. It’s an incredibly simple concept that is so useful, you’ll wonder why you’ve been spending so much money on store bought food pouches!


The set comes with two squeeze pouches. They are BPA, PVC, and phthalate free; as a parent, those are always some of the first things I check on a package of plastic material. Booginhead really made these pouches versatile. They can be used in the freezer and microwave, and the wide opening at the top allows for cleaning with a bottle brush and soapy water. I found it very  to clean and dry on my bottle rack.

To add your puree (or other food), you just unscrew the top, and spoon it in there. Wa-laa! As I mentioned, the opening is wide and supported by a sturdy plastic, so it was very mess free when I transferred applesauce from a bowl to the Squeez’em.


These are great for in the house,  but especially useful on the go! I added a fruit yogurt blend for my toddler, and a fruit puree for my 11 month old. Tossed them in the diaper bag and was ready to head out in no time. That is my favorite feature, the fact that I can easily take along a mess-free snack for the kids to enjoy in the car! Because the top is actually attached to the lid, that’s one less piece I have to worry about losing.

Now, of course no product is perfect, and there is an aspect to these pouches that I am not a huge fan of. Because the harder plastic extends just slightly past the top, I found it awkward to get the lid on and off. There wasn’t much to hold onto, and they secure extremely tightly. They’d need to secure firmly to prevent leaks, and I understand that, but I actually needed to use my t-shirt to help open the tops!

Overall though, I think the Booginhead Squeez’ems are really great! If you’re one to constantly buy store bought puree pouches for the kids, this is a great replacement! Not only will it save you money (I mean, you’re probably spending about $1 for every pre-filled pouch) they are environmentally friendly! It’s a good way to live greener, by cleaning and reusing.

They are priced decently at only $9.50 for a pack of 2, and can be purchased here. Check them out and have fun coming up with some new soft serve treats! 🙂

*Disclosure: I received this product free from the company in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

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