Chilaqua Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Want to give your water an extra kick? Maybe you struggle to get in your recommended daily water intake. Maybe you’re just wanting a little flavor to enhance the taste your water!


Whatever the reason, Chilaqua’s Fruit Infused Water Bottle is a terrific way to stay hydrated and refreshed! Add your own arrangement of fresh fruits (and even veggies) to this water bottle to infuse and create delicious flavors!


This slim, attractive bottle holds 24 ounces of water, and is completely BPA free. It’s actually made using a durable Tritan polyester material. This means the tumbler is oderless, stain resistant, and doesn’t have a “plastic” taste.

I love how easy Chilaqua’s water bottle is to use. There is a small, removable container inside of the tumbler. This is where your sliced, fresh fruit and vegetables are added. There are vents all around the container so that the added water will soak through and infuse with the fruit.


After adding your desired fruits, simply screw on the white lid, push snugly down into the tumbler, and you’re ready to enjoy! The outer top seals tightly and I experienced no leakage. The bottle is easy to hold from the top. I felt the little holder to be on the smaller side, so there wasn’t much fruit to be added. I was only able to add 2 medium sized chopped strawberries, 3 orange slices, and about 6 halved grapes. So keep in mind that you won’t be adding huge bulks of fruit to this infuser bottle.

Now, I found that the best results came from refrigerating overnight. When I first added my fruit and filled the bottle with water, it started off still tasting simply like water. But after being in the refrigerator for a few hours, my water definitely had an enhanced, subtly sweet flavor! The taste of the strawberries were very pronounced. I was even able to refill the water a few times using the same fruit.


You can really get as creative as you want with what to add to your infuser bottle! The recipes are endless. Try lemons, limes, and fresh mint. Or pinapples, cucumber and melon. The fun part is really creating unique combinations and enjoying the new tastes of your water!

To purchase, visit Chilaqua’s Amazon product page below. AND, as a special treat for my readers, enjoy a coupon of $2.99 off of your infuser water bottle using code: katrina1 at checkout. Check them out now!

*Disclosure: I received this product free from the company in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and review.


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