Emmi’s Essentials Essential Oil Diffuser


Essential oils are known to have many healing properties. One beneficial use is simply the stimulating aromas the oils naturally emit. Emmi’s Essentials offers the perfect companion to your essential oils with their Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser.

This essential oil diffuser works by dispersing a cool, soothing mist from its top. When a few drops of an essential oil are added, it diffuses the aroma throughout the room.


Out of the box, the diffuser was incredibly easy to understand and use! Twist off the top and pour water to the fill line, then add in a few drops of your desired essential oil (about 3 to 6 drops were recommended). As soon as you plug it in and power up, you’ll begin to smell the wonderful aroma of your oil. It was so instantaneous!

Emmi’s Essentials diffuser features two inputs, a Mist button and Light button. It runs in 30 minute increments from 30 minutes, up to 180 minutes. The motor runs so quietly, you can’t really hear it at all. That’s an awesome feature. You won’t hear loud buzzing, humming, or clunking. If not for the cool mist coming from the top and the lovely aroma, I wouldn’t know it was on!
The diffuser is small, only about 6 inches tall. But don’t let its compact size fool you, it’s a powerful little machine! I used Emmi’s Essentials Peppermint Oil. Within just a minute or so, my entire livingroom was filled with the scent. It had an awesome aroma, reminding me of candy canes. Very sweet and relaxing! I’d added about 5 drops, so it was very noticeable, but pleasant. It even drifted into my kitchen! I loved being able to run it for only 30 minutes or even up to 3 entire hours. Because it disperses water as a mist, this essential oil diffuser also acts as a small humidifier. It humidifies the air in the room and reduces stuffiness, impurities, and odors.

And one of my favorite features? The alluring, soft, changing lights that can be turned on! Able to rotate colors, or remain on a single color, the soft glow of the lights really adds to the therapeutic nature of the diffuser. I found the lights to be calming and attractive, without being distracting.
Emmi’s Essentials even gives a few suggested combinations to diffuse your oils. Try a couple drops of peppermint oil + lemon oil to clean the air. Or a couple drops of eucalyptus oil + tea tree oil to unstuff a stuffy nose! You’ll have fun just finding blends and combinations that create the perfect aromatherapy for your room.

Overall, Emmi’s Essentials Essential Oil Diffuser makes a great addition to your home, or an awesome gift! It’s lightweight, easy to use, but still disperses impressive aromas. Head to their Amazon product page to purchase!

*Disclosure: I received this product free from the company in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and review.


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