Youphoria Yoga Mat & Towel

It’s always a plus to have the right accessories when working out, and for yoga, a good mat & towel can be essential. Youphoria Yoga creates a top notch Yoga Mat and Yoga Towel, that’ll impress the beginner, the seasoned pro, and everyone in the middle!

Youphoria’s products are eco-friendly, great quality, and so attractive. You’ll find an array of colors to choose from, and be impressed by the durability of both!

Youphoria’s Yoga Mat:
I have to first gush over how aesthetically pleasing this mat is! The foam is plush, but sturdy, and the pop of blue is amazing. It’s non-slip, and rolling it out, I could feel the high quality of the memory foam material. Speaking of material, it’s very much eco-friendly, which is always a plus! The foam is SGS Approved, and free of toxins, harmful chemicals, and phthalates. Unrolling it, I noticed it was completely odorless; this is because of the absence of those chemicals that I mentioned.


This mat has a wonderful grip. It’s pliant, comfortable, and really aided in improving my balance when using it. It felt very natural under my feet and wasn’t slippery at all. At 24 inches wide and 72 inches long, it was more than long enough to accommodate me, never leaving me to feel that I had to constantly adjust to stay on it.

The little details on the mat really re-affirm Youphoria’s commitment to producing an exceptional yoga mat. The added textured bumps that create additional cushioning, the indented company logo, just small details that emphasis the quality of this mat.

The carrying strap is an added bonus. Very easy to use, simply roll it up and attach the carrying bands around each end. This makes it easy to store and transport your mat.

Youphoria’s Yoga Towel:
A great companion to the yoga mat is Youphoria’s yoga towel. This super absorbent towel is made from high quality microfiber; it’ll dry quicker and avoid bacteria faster than cotton towels, and it’s extremely lightweight and portable. This yoga towel is a great way to provide a safe and hygienic barrier between your body and your yoga mat.

Laying it out, it easily covered my mat and the material smoothed out evenly. It was super soft under my feet. There wasn’t any feeling of slipping on it, and it didn’t move or shift.
Having the towel really made clean up easy after exercising! Because sweat is absorbed by this towel, the mat only needed a quick wipe down before being stored away. The towel was easy to toss in the wash and machine dry, without losing its softness!

Youphoria Yoga really produces great quality yoga must-haves at awesome prices. Both their yoga mat and yoga towel are durable, comfortable, and functional, with a touch of fun! Follow Youphoria on Facebook , Twitter, and visit their Amazon page to purchase these exclusive yoga companions!

*Disclosure: I received this product free from the company in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and review.


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