Click-A-Brick Animal Kingdom Building Set


Click-A-Brick are the makers of educational building sets, aiming to develop your child’s motor skills and coordination through imaginative block building. Their Animal Kingdom 30-piece Learning Set offers creative and stimulating gameplay!

The Animal Kingdom themed block set features 30 small blocks and 5 integrated structures to build: a lion, giraffe, camel, monkey, and wolf. The blocks are completely safe, made from non-toxic ABS plastic.


I really liked the concept of this building set. Instead of just blocks, it becomes a learning opportunity! Each small block works together to create a 3D puzzle, challenging and motivating your child to follow the pattern given, and fit the pieces into the correct spot to replicate one of Click-A-Brick’s safari animal designs.

This safari set includes a mixture of yellow, orange, and brown blocks, some cubed and some angled, with 2 eye pieces. There are multiple ways that each piece can connect with another, making endless options for shapes and structures to form. Keep in mind that these blocks are quite small; the company actually recommends this set for children 3 and older.


I found the block pieces to be very sturdy, but sometimes hard to fit into another block. After connecting them, I needed to apply quite a bit of pressure to pull each piece apart. For older children this shouldn’t be a problem, but younger children may require more assistance in fully connecting and disconnecting each piece.

That being said, the snug fit of each piece can actually lead to further gameplay of a finished structure. After crafting a giraffe for her, my daughter (turning 3 in a few months) went on to play with the shape, bouncing it around without it falling apart.


It was challenging but rewarding to mimic the puzzle-like creations. My daughter was content just stacking pieces into one long train! The colors create a nice contrast against one another, and you’ll enjoy finding new creations to build!

Overall, I found Click-A-Brick’s Animal Kingdom Building set fun, educational, and stimulating. The concept of replicating a 3-D puzzle adds a learning touch to the block set, while still encouraging children to use their imaginations. It’s a great block set to play with your children, and its variety of structures to replicate ensures they won’t be easily bored with it. Head to Click-A-Brick’s Amazon page HERE, and order a set (or two!).

*Disclosure: I received this product free from the company in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and review.

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