Actervate Waist Trimmer Belt Giveaway (3 Winners!!)- ENDS 5/20/15


Waist trimmers and slimmers are seeing such a surge in popularity. They tend to offer two-fold solutions to trim belly fat while slimming the figure. The Actervate Waist Trimmer Belt is a great way to trim, body sculpt and create heat retention and build sweat!

I’m excited to host this giveaway of THREE of their trimmer belts, generously sponsored by Actervate! Get ready to help slim your tummy by summer!



I couldn’t wait to give this trimmer a try! I wanted a belly sculpting solution that wasn’t too constricting or difficult to wear and use. This is definitely the case with Actervate’s Waist Trimmer. The belt features a 100% latex-free neoprene material, and is smooth to touch and soft against the stomach. The material is stretchy, and I liked being able to adjust how loose or tight I wanted the belt to fit. The velcro can attach to any part of the trimmer, so you can easily change the fit to your comfort level.

At 8 inches wide, it covers almost my entire abdomen. It fits most waists up to 42 inches, and I found it comfortable to snap around without feeling like it was overly stretched. It felt natural and flexible moving around in it. I wore it a bit tighter while exercising, and loosened it when just walking/sitting around.


What’s great about this trimmer belt is that even without working out, my belly was sweaty after removing it. (The company recommends not wearing it for more than 1-2 hours at a time.) Even with the sweat, my stomach didn’t feel overheated. I liked putting it under a shirt and not feeling like it was in the way. Now, it’s bulkier than trimming corsets. I found it thin enough to comfortably wear around the house and workout it, but depending on your attire, it’s not as inconspicuous to wear it outside under normal clothes. That isn’t a deterrent at all for me; just keep in mind, it’s a belt, common to trimming belts and not corsets.

I liked how firm it felt against my stomach, instantly molding to my body and causing me to hold my tummy in more. When I worked out in it, I felt more aware of my posture and keeping my back upright and stomach tight, so that was an added bonus! The heat retention was its key benefit, and I could feel more sweat around my abdomen when exercising, versus when I wasn’t wearing it.


Overall, I am very happy with my experiences so far with Actervate’s Waist Trimmer Belt. It’s not a stand alone weight loss solution, but it’s such a great tool to assist with creating heat/sweat buildup on the belly, thus helping to trim it while sculpting your figure. It’s comfortable to wear, work out in, and easy to hand wash and dry. Visit Actervate’s Amazon product page HERE to check out more on this trimmer belt.

And now we’ve arrived at this AWESOME giveaway, where I’m happy to announce that there will be THREE winners chosen!


Rules for Entering:
● Click the Rafflecopter link above to officially enter. You have to go through Rafflecopter to officially be counted.
● You MUST follow The Candid Review Mom Facebook Page.
● The link to the Rafflecopter widget will allow you to get all of your entries in.

**This giveaway is open for residents of the Continental U.S. only and persons 18 years and older**

*This giveaway will run for two weeks and ends 12:00am EST on 5/20/2015. Winner will be randomly selected from Rafflecopter and notified within 2 days of selection. Actervate will ship the Waist Trimmer Belt directly to the 3 winners.

*Disclosure: I received this product free from the company in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and review, and to host a giveaway. All opinions are my own.

10 thoughts on “Actervate Waist Trimmer Belt Giveaway (3 Winners!!)- ENDS 5/20/15

  1. Thank you for sharing this product! I’ve been looking for something to help my waist after having my daughter and this seems like a perfect solution! I will be entering your giveaway, but if I don’t end up winning, I will definitely be getting myself one!


  2. I have used a similar product in the past. And I like the results. However the one I had smelled of this used tire smell. Does this one have that smell? This looks like a great product. TY for sharing and hosting the giveaway


  3. Hi Wendy! Immediately out of packaging, it did have a smell, reminding me slightly of a “new/rental car” type of scent. It didn’t last though, and of course after hand washing, it smelled only of my detergent. 🙂


  4. I’ve been meaning to get one of these! I have recently started my workouts again so this would be great to win. Thanks! I love your giveaways, you truly have something for everyone!


  5. This looks awesome! I love the idea of it, I could definitely lose a inch or two off my waist! I will be checking it out!


  6. I love this giveaway! What I love most about waist trimmers is that I’ll have a nice body shape! With the right exercise, anything is possible!


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