Hello Mouthwash and Breath Spray


Hello focuses on making oral care products that are effective, attractive, and most importantly, safe to use. The brand’s mouthwash and breath spray are indeed refreshing, both literally and figuratively!

As with all of their product line, Hello’s mouthwash and breath spray are free of alcohols, dyes, and artificial sweeteners. Their oral care is also vegan, cruelty-free, and not tested on animals.

The Mouthwash:


Hello’s naturally friendly mouthwash comes in a variety of yummy sounding flavors. I tried the mojito mint. It was minty and foamed slightly when swished around in my mouth. Clear in color, I love that there are no added dyes in this mouthwash. The taste is quite pleasant; not overly sweet, but no after-taste of bitterness either. I experienced no burning, stinging, or irritation during or after use.

The 16 ounce size is generous, and the tear drop shape of the bottle is adorable. Seriously, I found the packaging and colors lovely! It looked nice on my sink, but the slim build also allowed it to be stored in my medicine cabinet. My only gripe was the top. It clicks into place onto the bottle when closed, but I found that it leaked slightly when turned upside down. This isn’t a dealbreaker, since mouthwashes should be stored upright, but it’s worth noting that the top is not leak proof.

The Breath Spray:


Another adorable oral care item from Hello is their breath spray. This little pod is powerful in flavor! I used just 2 sprays to refresh my mouth, and found the taste to be quite bold. The supermint had a traditional minty flavor, while the grapefruit had a sweeter, citrus taste. This is the type of breath spray where a little goes such a long way! The small pod can easily fit into your pocket or anywhere else, and it twists to prevent it from spraying when not in use. Typically, you’ll get about 70 sprays from each pod.

Overall, I was very impressed with Hello’s mouthwash and breath spray. I appreciated the conscious approach the company used when deriving their ingredients. The flavors didn’t suffer because of this, as I found them still refreshing and crisp! Check out their entire oral care line on their website, where you can also purchase.

Connect with Hello:

*Disclosure: I received this product free from the company in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and review.


4 thoughts on “Hello Mouthwash and Breath Spray

  1. How fantastic! I love that they are natural! The little container/bottle is also super cute and travel friendly! I love the fun flavors as well, sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I will definitely be checking them out.


  2. I’ve seen this product in the store and I have been really curious about it. Thanks for sharing the great details. I will have to try this out.


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