Kinderfeets Wooden Balance Bike


Kinderfeets took such a unique and innovative approach to the children’s bicycle. So what are Kinderfeets? These handmade, wooden balance bikes are pedal-free, and teaches the child natural balance as they push off of the ground using their own feet. It’s a fun and easy transition for any child learning to ride a bike, before they’re comfortable with pedals!


Each Kinderfeets push bike is hand made, with a sturdy wood, cushioned seat and handle bars, and biodegradable airless tires. The Classic bikes feature a chalkboard finish on the sides, while the new Retro line of bikes feature a natural finish with nostalgic designs!

The bike was incredibly easy to assemble. It came with all of the tools I needed to put it together, and even with my excited children swarming around my legs, the assembly time was only about 30 minutes. I was very impressed with how simple and easy to follow the directions were.


As a young child learns to use their Kinderfeets bike, they begin to rely on their own balance to keep it steady. Eventually they’re able to push off the ground with enough strength to cruise along and place their feet on the side pegs. This innovative approach reduces the anxiety of learning to ride a bike and removes the intimidation of using pedals before the child is ready.

My daughter is 2 years old, so she’s on the beginning end of the age frame for this balance bike, which is for children 2-6 year’s old. She’s never written a tricycle, only 4-wheeled push toys. But even with her limited experience with such toys, she was easily able to understand the purpose of this balance bike!

There was a natural comfort to pushing herself around using her feet. Even though she’s not ready to place them on the pegs, she’s gaining confidence in how long she keeps her feet up before pushing off of the ground again. With the adjustable seat, she has plenty of time to grow into this balance bike.
Overall, Kinderfeets created such a fun and unique children’s balance bicycle. It’s a great option for young children learning to ride a bike, and the high quality design and materials will allow a child to grow with it year after year. Head to Kinderfeets’ website to learn more, see the awesome varieties, and purchase for your little one!

Connect with Kinderfeets:

*Disclosure: I received this product free from the company in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and review.

7 thoughts on “Kinderfeets Wooden Balance Bike

  1. I really love the vintage like look of these. I visited the link and there are so many options. I wish they made things like this when my kids were little but I am letting my friends know about them. Also like that there are two wheel and three wheel options. I want the retro cupcake one for myself haha.


  2. I have actually never tried one of these myself or for the kids use. I have seen so many different kinds lately but never got into reading more into them. I think this one looks fantastic, I love the design of it as well! Looks like a great way for kids to learn how to balance a real bike! 🙂 Definitely something to consider for the little one’s birthday coming up!


  3. I love this, looks super cool, my son turns 5 this summer and he is going to get his first bike! So I definitely will check this company and might even get one of these, I’ve never seen anything like this before, looks way cool!


  4. Thanks for reading Rina; your son would love this! And he’ll be able to establish a natural sense of balance as he prepares for a pedaled bike. It’s really great!


  5. What a great idea. This is a good first bike for kids. It will help teach them balance before a big kids bike. I love all the different designs that are available. The Blue Tiny Tot is my favorite. The helmets are super cute too.


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