San Francisco Salt Co. Brown Sugar Body Scrub & Bath Salts


Sea salts can be used to soothe muscles, soften the skin, and relax the body. San Francisco Salt Co. creates high quality bath and body salts, using 100% pure and certified natural sea salts to promote well-being.

Their Brown Sugar Scrub, Relax Epsom Bath Salt, and Minera Dead Sea Salt are some of the most revered items in the company’s product line!

Oatmeal and Honey Brown Sugar Scrub:


San Francisco Salt Co.’s Brown Sugar Scrub was an instant favorite of mine. The mixture of brown sugar, sweet almond oil, and honey makes for a delectable treat for your skin! I massaged it into my skin while showering, then rinsed. The grains of the sugar exfoliated while the almond oil softened.

The results were impressive. I felt moisturized, hydrated, and silky smooth! The scent alone would probably motivate me to buy this scrub! It’s deliciously sweet and enticing. Such a bold aroma, without being overpowering. It lingered on my body throughout the day.

Bath & Dead Sea Salts:


The company’s luxurious epsom and Dead Sea salts are certified 100% pure, non-GMO, cruelty-free, and contain only naturally white salt crystals. The Relax Epsom Bath Salt is scented with Lavender essential oil, and is perfect for adding to bath water to soak tired muscles and unwind.

The gentle lavender aroma was intoxicating. I couldn’t stop breathing it in! I found it very relaxing when added to a basin of water for a foot soak. My feet felt instantly soothed, and even after a 10 minute soak, there was noticeably less stress in my arches.


The company’s Dead Sea Salt is packed with minerals and harvested directly from the Dead Sea. This versatile salt can be used for everything from a soak and decreasing inflammations, to relieving muscle cramps and treating acne. Add oil to it and make your own facial salt scrub; massage the salts into your body during a shower to exfoliate; layer it with a body wrap; mix it into your favorite conditioner. With minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, and sulfur, this Dead Sea Salt is as useful as it is lavish.

I am majorly impressed with San Francisco Salt Co.’s spa-like body care products. The Brown Sugar Scrub is such a treat, leaving the skin soft and moisturized. Both bath salts made great soaks, and reduced sore muscles. Purchase on the company’s website, or head to their Amazon product pages:

Oatmeal & Honey Brown Sugar Scrub
Minera Dead Sea Salt
Relax Epsom Bath & Spa Salt

*Disclosure: I received this product free from the company in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and review.

2 thoughts on “San Francisco Salt Co. Brown Sugar Body Scrub & Bath Salts

  1. This looks amazing. I’ve been wanting to try a scrub with brown sugar. The mixture of brown sugar, sweet almond oil and honey sounds really good. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I love EPSOM salt! Definitely my stress reliever! I love that there is a relax scent and an unscented variety (great for those who don’t like fragrances or are super-sensitive). I will definitely check this out, love the grain size of these salts.


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