Click-A-Brick Army Defenders Building Set


Imaginative play is not only common for children, it’s encouraged and necessary. Click-A-Brick Toys offer unique building block sets that will engage and stimulate your child, while fostering their imagination!

The Click-A-Brick Army Defenders Building Blocks Set features 100 block pieces of various shapes, sizes, and colors. These educational blocks are non-toxic and made using safe ABS plastic materials.


The set comes with the individual 100 block pieces and a building guide. You’re able to build whatever you’d like, but the colors remain true to the Army Defenders theme, with green, black, white, tan, and clear blocks.

I really liked the variety of shapes in this building set. With smaller cubes, longer rectangles, and slanted blocks, I was able to build and create a wide variety of structures! Instead of only fitting into top/bottom grooves, the Click-A-Brick blocks are able to connect to one another on all sides. This makes them even more flexible in their structural capabilities.


Beyond just a building set, the army defender blocks can become a 3D puzzle! The included manual features a picture puzzle of a variety of cool vehicles, including a tank, jet fighter, truck, helicopter, and more! Your child will be challenged to replicate the designs, which will engage them for longer periods of time.

My daughter is on the younger end of the age minimum. It’s recommended for children ages 3 and up. She would rather build a long wall than an army tank, but I love that she’ll be able to grow with this set! I played along with her, and encouraged her to build onto the fronts, backs, and sides of the blocks. There isn’t the same limitation on only being able to stack them vertically, as with some other building sets.


The structures built are nestled tight enough together to actually allow a child to play with their design afterward, without it falling apart. They can build a plane, then enjoy flying it around the room!

I really like Click-A-Brick’s approach to bulging blocks, and the Army Defenders Building Set is sure to stimulate and help shape your child’s concentration and imagination. The 100 pieces allow for so many different structures, weather you’d like to follow along with the included guide, or create a brand new vehicle! Check out Click-A-Brick’s website to learn more about the set, and purchase one for your little one from Amazon!—Brick-Defenders-Educational-Building/dp/B00U6TLDEC/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1432341831&sr=8-2&keywords=click+a+brick

*Disclosure: I received this product free from the company in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and review.

6 thoughts on “Click-A-Brick Army Defenders Building Set

  1. This looks like a great building set. Seems fun and educational. I love the 3D look. I bet my nephew would play with this for hours. That’s not a bad price for a 100 piece set.


  2. Looks like a great activity for the family. I could definitely see this being added to our family fun nights. I’ll be looking into this, Thanks!


  3. Monica- you’re right, it’s such a fun family building set! A great way to play together and help the little ones build even bigger designs. 🙂


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