Tektalk 8000mAh Portable Phone Charger

In an age of smartphones, the need and popularity of portable cellphone chargers has skyrocketed! Their compact size and quick charging capabilities have made them a staple in many pockets and purses.


The Tektalk 8000mAh Portable Phone Charger Power Bank is impressive against its competition, with superior charging times and it’s sleek design!

This power bank features a rechargeable lithium battery, dual USB ports, 5V input/output, and a notable 8000mAh. This is the selling point! Smaller “bullet size” portable chargers will usually yield 2500mAh. Slightly bigger are 5000mAh power banks. With 8000mAh, Teltalk’s phone charger allows 2 phones to be fully charged, or 1 tablet, before you’ll need to recharge the bank. I was instantly a fan!


The slim design is comparable in width to an iPhone. It’s compact enough to fit into your pocket or purse, while still having a polished and sophisticated look. I really liked the silver finish.

Another feature that I love about this power bank is the dual USB charging capabilities. You’re able to insert two USB cables on either side of it, and simultaneously charge two different devices.


There are 4 charge indicator lights on the power bank, each representing a 25% charge. I fully appreciated that this took the guess work out of knowing when it was fully charged, or when it needed re-charging.

I have a pretty hefty Samsung Galaxy Note 4. When plugged into Teltalk’s phone charger with 20% battery, it reached 100% charge in just 45 minutes! I am a heavy phone user, and even when using it with the charger connected, it still quickly charged the phone.


Overall, Teltalk’s Phone Charger Power Bank is a full on winner! Attractive finish and design. Portable enough to easily carry around, and powerful enough to charge multiple devices before needing a recharge. Check out additional details and purchase on the company’s Amazon product page.

*Disclosure: I received this product free from the company in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and review.

2 thoughts on “Tektalk 8000mAh Portable Phone Charger

  1. What a great little gadget! My husband always has his phone die out on him thanks to streaming music at work. And right on time for father’s day..guess I know what to get him now! =)


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