King Athletic Resistance Bands Set


When it comes to exercise equipment and accessories, I find convenience, versatility, and easily storable products to be great selling points. The King Athletic Resistance Bands Set more than exceeded my expectations! With multiple color coded resistance bands and accessories, all compactly included in a carry-along bag, my work outs have definitely improved.

The King Athletic Resistance Bands Set includes:
● 5 resistance bands
● 2 foam foam handles
● 2 ankle straps
● 1 door anchor
● 1 carrying case


One of the first things I noticed about the bands was how durable the material was. It isn’t a thin rubber, or flimsy in any way. They are each made from a durable, heavy duty nylon material, built to withstand use. The small tubes were soft to the touch and felt comfortable even under my bare feet.

Each color coded band has a different level of weight resistance:
Yellow = 6 lbs
Blue = 10 lbs
Red = 15 lbs
Green = 18 lbs
Black = 20 lbs

Having various colors was very convenient for me to easily choose my preferred resistance level. The bands were able to be attached to a sturdy set of foam handles, as well as ankle straps.


I was impressed with the versatility of the workouts available using King Athletic Resistance Bands. It went beyond just upper-body strengthening. There are exercises for the arms, legs, chest, shoulders, back and core. I didn’t feel like I needed to be a fitness guru to understand or use them either, which is important to me.

Placing a band under my feet with the foam handles attached, and just doing simple bicep curls was a great starter for my arms. I enjoyed using them with squats, leg extentions, and even attaching to my door and doing kneeling crunches. I completed a full-body workout without relying on a multitude of heavy, bulky equipment!


Did I mention that I love portable and storable products? Sometimes I’ll bypass an item, not because it doesn’t perform well, but simply because I have no place to store it in my home. I loved the small carrying bag that contained the bands and accessories! It kept the set neatly together, and allowed me to quickly store away after use. The drawn picture outlines of exercise suggestions on the back of the back was also a nice touch.

I experienced versatile workouts that I could jump right into using the King Athletic Resistance Bands Set. They are simple to understand and require no set-up. Best of all, I can achieve a good intensity workout from the comfort of my livingroom! Check them out on Amazon and purchase your own set:

*Disclosure: I received this product free from the company in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and review.


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