Bella Naturals Naturalico Electronic Callus Remover


It’s sandals season, and naturally it’s only right to make sure your feet are sandals ready! Professional pedicures can be pricy, and manual callus shavers are tedious and sometimes painful. The perfect solution to softer, smoother feet is Bella Naturals Naturalico Rechargeable Electronic Callus Remover! 

The Naturalico Callus Remover is a foot exfoliation tool that works by gently lifting away dead skin with its “40 spins per second” shaver. The handheld device is operated by a rechargeable battery.


I’ve never used an electronic callus remover before; I’ve only manually buffed and shaved my feet. I have to admit, the process is time consuming and doesn’t yield the greatest results. Right away, I was impressed with the Naturalico Callus Remover. I found the packaging and the device very charming, with its sweet pink color. There are two speeds, one faster than the other, and an integrated LED light to help see troubled spots better.

Within my first use of this callus remover I was in love! The motor is powerful for such a compact device, and as I glided the callus remover across my feet, the dead skin lifted instantly! My feet were dry (as recommended) and it was incredibly easy to rub the device back and forth across my heels, insoles, and around each side.


My feet were actually smoother within 3 minutes of use. The process was quick and painless. Instead of feeling as though I may accidentally scrape too deeply, I guided the remover across my skin and allowed it to shave the dead layers without irritating the fresh, softer skin underneath.

The ease of use was very impressive. Simply charge the remover and you’re ready to get started! The extra exfoliation head attachment was such a bonus perk! As the device wears down with use, you’re able to replace the head with the bonus extra.


The cleaning brush was also a convenient accessory included. It’s small enough to brush under the callus remover to retrieve all leftover residue. The cleanup of it was as simple as running the head under water after brushing it.

Now, as you’re using, you’ll notice the dead skin turning almost “dust-like” as it exfoliates. I recommend laying a towel down under your feet to contain the fine, exfoliated layers as you’re filing. This reduces the mess and is definitely more sanitary.


Overall, I have been completely sold on the Naturalico Rechargeable Electronic Callus Remover! It’s gentle on my feet, but powerful and quickly removes calluses and dead skin. I love the size and color, and my feet were smoother, softer, and looked & felt better after the very first use! Treat your feet with this amazing callus remover and purchase of Bella Naturals Amazon product page:

*Disclosure: I received this product free from the company in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and review.

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