The Kendama Toy


Have you ever heard of the Kendama? Such an interesting looking toy, right? The Kendama LTD is a traditional, wooden toy with ancient ties to Japan, played by holding the base and attempting to swing the ball into one of the cupped grooves or onto the spear. It seemed like such a simple concept, but this addictive game is anything but! I’ve found it to be stimulating, challenging, and downright fun!


The Kendama comes in various sizes, colors, and materials. This one in particular is the standard size and made from high quality solid beech wood. The ball is designed with a chip resistant paint, and it’s made to be compatible for both left handed and right handed use.

Right away, I watched example YouTube videos of how the game was to be played. To play, you hold on to the lower half and swing the ball that’s attached to a string. Coordinate your movement in a way that balances the ball onto different crevices of the Kendama. After watching both adults and children whip, toss, and balance their ball every way imaginable on their sticks, I figured it’d be a breeze to master. Not!  I couldn’t even get the ball onto one of the grooves, let alone back onto the daunting spear!


My husband just knew he’d have better results (he didn’t), then my mother, and the next thing I knew, my entire family was engaged in a Kendama competition! The game is so simple, yet incredibly addictive as you attempt to find the right techniques to balance the ball.

I’ve seen videos of younger children playing with the toy, but my oldest child is only 3 years old, so she was too young to participate. Be careful with children playing with it, as the spear does spout out at the top. It’s rounded and dull and safe for adults and older children, but because of its natural shape, I’d keep a close watch on any child handling it.


Overall, my family had a blast attempting to master the art of Kendama! It was tricky and challenging, but totally satisfying to successfully catch the ball. A fun and entertaining toy to play with alone or with a group of friends!

Purchase one for yourself, or even to give as a cool gift, on their Amazon product page HERE!

Watch these guys do some amazing Kendama tricks! (not my video)

*Disclosure: I received this product free from the company in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and review.

7 thoughts on “The Kendama Toy

  1. I have never heard of Kendama, but looks super fun. I am not sure if I have the coordination for it, but would love to try it out. Looks like a great fun thing to do outside this summer. That video is crazy! These kind of remind me Hacky Sack for some reason. I remember in high school they were the “it” thing. I am going to have to try the Kendama..thanks for sharing this


  2. This looks like so much fun! A bit tricky but something fun to have! My brother would love to play with one of these!! Great review and love the video!


  3. Ohhh so THAT is what these are! LOL I saw them somewhere else and had no earthly idea what they were. So glad I came across your review. This looks like the next best thing since the hackie sack and I can see people having a blast with this!


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