Vitabliss 6 Sided Cheese Grater


I’m a kitchen gadget and utensil lover, so I expected to immediately adore the Vitabliss 6-Sided Cheese Grater from Home & Family Bliss. And after trying it out, of course it didn’t let me down!

The Vitabliss Cheese Grater is made of durable stainless steel, with a non-slip silicone handle and base. And don’t let the cheese in the title fool you. This handy grater can actually be used for a wide variety of foods.


I noticed right away how sharp the stainless steel blades were. Running my cheddar across the blades was extremely easy to do, and I actually moved quicker with it than I do with my handheld grater. Even with a softer mozzarella cheese, it moved smoothly up and down the grater for perfectly shredded results.

The handle is sturdy and I love the non-slip base. It felt comfortable to hold and use. The contents of what you’re grating fall and pile neatly into the middle, leaving little mess outside of the prep area. It’s not heavy at all and still small enough to be stored in my drawers.


Of course the main attraction of this grater are the 6 versatile blades that create different results. I enjoyed creating thick and thin shreds of cheese, slicing potatoes and vegetables, and even creating a zest.


I always mention liking products that are versatile in use. That’s definitely the case here. I was able to easily julienne my potatoes, then use another side to slice long, thin carrot pieces. It eliminated the need for multiple slicing gadgets. I handwashed the grater in warm soapy water, and the residue washed away quickly.

Overall, this is a great kitchen gadget. With 6 different cutting styles and super sharp blades, I found myself pulling it out for just about all of my food prep before cooking throughout the day. Check out the Vitabliss Amazon product page HERE to learn more and purchase!

*Disclosure: I received this product free from the company in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and review.  

5 thoughts on “Vitabliss 6 Sided Cheese Grater

  1. Alright I have to admit my cheese grater has seen better days! I like how this is made – it looks very good and like it would provide stability while shredding, this not cutting myself. Need to get one.


  2. A cheese grater is a must for any kitchen, and this one looks fab! My cheese grater was actually my grandmothers and think it might have been her mother’s before that! Needless to say, it has been around the kitchen a time or two. I like that this one looks to have a nice handle. Mine is really not very user-friendly. Great article and this might be something I need in my kitchen asap.


  3. I so need one of these!! This one looks super sturdy while giving precise grates! Great review. I will be checking it out.


  4. I have this and i am obsessed with it! I use it all the time, the only isssue I have with it is cleaning it.. I havent found the right way to wipe it down without the sponge or towel getting caught on it LOL great review!


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