Silicon Devices Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds


I enjoy the convenience and comfort of a good pair of earbuds. But wires can be a hassle and require me to keep my device nearby to connect them. The Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds from Silicon Device are comfortable, lightweight, and make moving around while wearing earbuds a breeze!

These earbuds use Bluetooth 4.0 technology to pair with bluetooth enabled devices. They feature an in-ear design that require no band to wrap around the ear, the ability to answer voice calls, and are tailored for exercising, traveling, and gym use.


I have to start by mentioning how attractive these earbuds are! I liked the sleek, slim design and green/black color combination. They are incredible light weight and came inside of a sturdy carrying case with a USB charging cable and additional ear piece tips. The extra rubber tips are in sizes small, medium, and large. This will allow you to find the perfect size for your ears.

The earbuds fit snugly into my ears. They were comfortable to wear, but fit tightly enough that as I moved around to test them, they never budged. The buds simply push gently into my ear canal, with a guard that sits against the ear. Even after jumping, whipping my head, and tossing myself around like I was at a rock concert, the earbuds stayed in place!


It was easy to pair these wireless earbuds to my phone. After turning them on and holding the pair button, my phone immediately found them. The sound quality was crisp, clear, and just the right amount of bass for me! I didn’t need to turn the volume past mid-range, and still felt the sound to be loud enough to cancel out background noice.

I noticed that I needed to charge it pretty much daily. I was able to get about 3-5 hours of medium to heavy usage before they died and needed to be recharged.


One aspect I was less than impressed with was the sound quality when making/receiving voice calls. Hearing the voice from my end was mediocre. And my own voice was received at an impossibly low volume. After testing with multiple phone numbers, I pretty much gave up on any hope of using this device for phone calls.

Overall however, I think the Silicon Devices Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are solid! For listening to music, they’re easy to wear with a great sound! While I wasn’t a big fan of the quality of the voice calls, I’d still recommend this to someone who was looking for portable, sleek, workout friendly earbuds!  You can check out additional details and purchase of the company’s Amazon product page HERE.

*Disclosure: I received this product free from the company in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and review.

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