Practico Stainless Steel Cups


I really liked the idea of stainless steel drinking cups, even before I’d ever used them. My biggest interest was how they’d fair with milkshakes and smoothies, similar to what you’d see a milkshake served in a 50’s diner. I have to say after using, I’m pretty impressed with the quality and versitility of Practico Good’s Stainless Steel 16 oz Cups!


The top benefits of stainless steel drinking cups include no BPA or toxins in the material, durable against accidents, and having a recyclable cup that is eco-friendly. Practico’s cups are made from a premium food grade stainless steel and are electropolished to add additional rust protection.

I found the cups to be incredibly light weight, but still very strong. I wouldn’t want a bulky cup, or one that’s uncomfortable to handle. But that’s not the case with this set. The cups were comfortable to hold and handle, and easily stacked for storage.


Now, as I mentioned, I like making milkshakes and smoothies. I really wanted a cup that would keep the liquid inside of it colder, longer. I thought these cups were perfect for the job! The stainless steel material kept my shakes nice and cold, and the liquid inside remained thicker than with glass or plastic cups that I’ve used.

They are not as big as a traditional milkshake cups though. At 16 ounces, they are the size of a standard drinking glass. And I did feel that they became very cold when filled with iced beverages or shakes. My hands felt more comfortable with a napkin wrapped around the body.


All in all, the Practico Stainless Steel Cups are a nice addition to my cupboards. They’re durable enough to take along camping or to outdoor events, and attractive enough to simply use as everyday drinking cups. I really enjoyed them for my milkshakes, and liked their sleekness and overall appearance. Check out Practico Goods on their Amazon product page, and pick up a set HERE!

*Disclosure: I received this product free from the company in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and review.

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