Stilo Fine Tip Stylus Pen


Stylus pens are extremely popular in an age where digital communication is just commonplace. While most stylus pens feature fat round tips, a finer point pen is more precise, accurate, and visually pleasing. Stilo’s Active Fine-Tip Stylus Pen has all of those qualities, and much more!


You want to talk about impressive? This stylus pen features an ultrafine 1.9mm tip that just glides across the screen. It’s compatible with Apple iPad, iPhone, as well as most Android & Windows tablets and smartphones.

Right out of the box I found this pen incredibly easy to use. It comes with 1 AAA battery, and has a small button to turn on/off. For me, this was more appealing than stylus pens that use Bluetooth technology or USB connections. I liked being able to just insert the battery and begin use!


Stilo’s stylus felt very comfortable to use and handle. It’s a bit thicker than a standard pen, but still fit nicely between my hand. Writing notes on the screen felt completely natural, and there wasn’t any delay, lag, or skipping that I experienced. I’m far from an artist, but I could feel the precision of this pen, versus my finger or a fatter tip stylus.

It’s not really the most budget friendly, but this stylus isn’t just for scrolling across home screens or clicking on apps. This powerhouse of a stylus is definitely geared toward drawing, stetching, writing, and any other activities where you’ll want superior control of the script!


Overall, I was more than impressed with the Stilo Fine Tip Stylus Pen! I found it sleek, modern, and even attractive. It was comfortable to handle, and really moved with accuracy and precision. Visit Stilo’s website HERE, or purchase on Amazon directly HERE.

Check out my product demonstration and see it in action:

*Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from the company in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and review.

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