Freedom Brew 2.0 K-carafe & K-cup Reusable Filters


Owning and using the Keurig 2.0 has its share of challenges when it comes to brewing your own ground coffee. When the company changed the lids to require their branded ring around each k-cup to brew, I was among many of the customers who were annoyed about not being able to brew my own coffee grounds anymore. The Freedom Brew 2.0 has been an invaluable solution for that!


I was very excited to see that not only can I easily use my own grounds using this reusable kcup, but that I can also brew an entire pot with the included reusable k-carafe cup. I’ve been using both cups almost daily at this point and I’m so impressed!

The first thing that I came to love is the fact that the full menu of the Keurig unlocks when you insert this cup. That’s probably my favorite aspect of the entire thing! Even using a “freedom clip”, or taking the ring from a branded kcup and placing it over a resuable cup, at best, you’ll unlock the standard menu with 6, 8, and 10 ounce brew options. When this particular k-cup is inserted, the entire full menu opens with additional 12 and 14 ounce brewing options.


My husband LOVES this. He brews larger amounts of coffee into a travel mug, and sometimes fills the k-carafe cup even without using the actual carafe pot, but just to be able to brew a larger 14 ounce cup of coffee!

And I’ve actually began to brew loose tea from this reusable kcup. I enjoy scooping a bit of my loose tea directly into the cup and making a piping hot cup of tea with no issues.

I’ve never experienced any grounds seeping out or making their way into my cup. They insert comfortably into my machine,van have never given the dreaded “oops” message. All in all, this is a solid set and anyone with the 2.0 will definitely benefit from having these nearby! Visit the company’s Amazon product page to purchase HERE!

*Disclosure: I received this product discounted from the company in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion and review.

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