Veggie-Go’s Fruit & Veggie Sampler Pack Giveaway- ENDS 5/15/15


Naked Edge Snacks worked to create an on-the-go snack that was still packed with fresh, organic produce. Veggie-Go’s are a chewy fruit & veggie leather snack that tastes delicious without sacrificing nutrition. So I’m very excited to offer a giveaway of a five pack sampler of the brand’s flavor line!

Veggie-Go’s fruit leather strips are made using only certified organic fruits and vegetables. The company is committed to using the best natural and organic ingredients, and you’ll find that these tasty snacks are non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, and have no added sugar. After trying them out, I’m thrilled to have a new yummy treat to eat, as well as offer to the kids!


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Popze Silicone Popsicle Mold Set


Popsicles! Such a summer treat. And what better way to enjoy an ice pop than to make your own delicious, homemade, money saving variety? Popze Silicone Popsicle Molds are the perfect way to do just that!

Made from FDA approved, food-grade silicone, the 6 set of popsicle molds are 8 inches long and completely BPA free! Each mold includes a lid and is freezer and dishwasher safe. Continue reading

BeeSili Oil Bottle Basting Brush


If you’re like me, you like to condense kitchen gadgets to keep your space uncluttered. I love multi-use and versatile products! That’s exactly what BeeSili had in mind with their Oil & Sauce Basting Brush.

Made from FDA approved, food grade silicone with completely BPA-freeĀ  plastic, BeeSili focused on creating a gadget that was small, but still durable. Any oil, sauce, dressing or vigenar can be added to the bottle, and can actually be stored in it, post-use. Continue reading

Zoku Single Quick Pop Maker


Summer is quickly approaching, and what better way to cool down than with a nice, cold, sweet treat? Zoku creates innovative, fun, and affordable dessert and beverage makers. Their Quick Pop Maker is truly a treat, and the perfect addition to your kitchen, to create your own popsicles as the warmer weather approaches!

The colorful packaging and attractive pop of colors pulled me in immediately. It’s such an attractive, compact gadget! And with a plethora of colors to choose from, you have plenty options.

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Veggiegadgets Veggie Slicer


Vegetable spiraling continues to increase in popularity. Whether replacing carbs with veggies, or trying to creatively offer veggies to the kids, Veggiegadgets Veggie Slicer is a convenient little tool to have in your kitchen!

The Veggie Slicer works by slicing vegetables pushed through it into spirals. It’s completely user-friendly, and doesn’t require any batteries or plug-ins. Simply twist your vegetable into the gadget, and watch as it creates thin spirals of the food through the bottom! Continue reading

Chilaqua Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Want to give your water an extra kick? Maybe you struggle to get in your recommended daily water intake. Maybe you’re just wanting a little flavor to enhance the taste your water!


Whatever the reason, Chilaqua’s Fruit Infused Water Bottle is a terrific way to stay hydrated and refreshed! Add your own arrangement of fresh fruits (and even veggies) to this water bottle to infuse and create delicious flavors! Continue reading

Coco Joy Coconut Water


Coco Joy makes a variety of natural coconut-based products, and with the Spring season in full effect, it’s the perfect weather for their tasty Pure Coconut Water!

Coconut water is known to be refreshing, low in sugar, and packed with natural vitamins and minerals. It’s a great alternative to sugary juices and sodas. And with the electrolytes found in this liquid, it’s an effective way to stay hydrated in the heat. Continue reading