HyperPS Universal Bluetooth Earpiece


Bluetooth earpieces can range dramatically in price, and of course features and quality will usually reflect that. But there definitely is a market for budget friendly bluetooth earpieces. I want the convenience of a hands-free device, but I’m not chasing a ton of features or huge price tag. So for me, the HyperPS Universal Bluetooth Earpiece is a good little budget friendly device. Continue reading

DKnight MagicBox Wireless Speaker


Wireless bluetooth speakers have been gaining more popularity, and DKnight’s MagicBox Wireless Speaker sure is a front runner! This bluetooth speaker system pairs with your cell phone (or other bluetooth enabled device), to transmit sound through its speakers. Its small size, about the length of my hand, makes it ultra portable and a great little travel speaker in the house, or even on the go!

Outwardly, the MagicBox speaker is really adorable. I love how compact, yet sleek it looks.

Continue reading