The Kendama Toy


Have you ever heard of the Kendama? Such an interesting looking toy, right? The Kendama LTD is a traditional, wooden toy with ancient ties to Japan, played by holding the base and attempting to swing the ball into one of the cupped grooves or onto the spear. It seemed like such a simple concept, but this addictive game is anything but! I’ve found it to be stimulating, challenging, and downright fun!

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Click-A-Brick Army Defenders Building Set


Imaginative play is not only common for children, it’s encouraged and necessary. Click-A-Brick Toys offer unique building block sets that will engage and stimulate your child, while fostering their imagination!

The Click-A-Brick Army Defenders Building Blocks Set features 100 block pieces of various shapes, sizes, and colors. These educational blocks are non-toxic and made using safe ABS plastic materials. Continue reading