1byone Amplified HDTV Antenna


Whether cutting the cord completely, or just taking advantage of free, local channels as a back-up to cable, HDTV antennas are a great option! The 1byone antenna is thin, lightweight, and in my home it picked up a high quality signal!


Right out of the box I found this antenna easy to set up and use. It comes with all of the pieces you need. The cord to plug into the wall, one to plug into the back of your television, and a couple stick pads to stick the antenna on a wall or wondow, of preferred. It features a 50 mile range to your nearest broadcasting tower, so you’ll really be able to access channels even if your local tower is quite the distance away from your home. 

Now, I’d already looked up the local broadcasting tower in my area, and found that there were about 22 channels available for broadcast in my area. I’m a complete cord cutter and use Internet based apps to watch prime time shows. So as long as an antenna picked up the local channels I’d be happy.


After connecting the antenna to the television and searching channels, it initially found 14 channel signals, most of which broadcast in full 1080p HD! I actally pick the antenna up and moved it around my livingroom a bit until the image was pristine. I ran about 3 autoscans on my tv to find which antenna positioning would receive the best signal and most channels. I eventually landed on a spot on the wall behind the tv that picked up 18 channels.


Overall, this antenna is more than impressive! I receive all of the mainstream local channels such as ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, The CW, and PBS… as well as a few other random channels. Very happy with this antenna. Check out and purchase HERE!

*I received this product free from the company for testing and review purposes. All options are unbiased and my own.


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