HyperPS Universal Bluetooth Earpiece


Bluetooth earpieces can range dramatically in price, and of course features and quality will usually reflect that. But there definitely is a market for budget friendly bluetooth earpieces. I want the convenience of a hands-free device, but I’m not chasing a ton of features or huge price tag. So for me, the HyperPS Universal Bluetooth Earpiece is a good little budget friendly device.


It comes with the earpiece, a clear attachment to put around the ear, and the charging cable (no wall block included). It was smaller than I expected, and pretty lightweight. Now, some people like this, but I’d have preferred a it more “bulk”, to feel secure in my ear.

I found it easy to pair with my Galaxy Note 4, an Android phone, and the call quality was pretty decent. Not too much background noise, but I felt it could have been louder.


Overall, it’s not super fancy, but again, this is a good fit for someone looking for a straight to the point budget friendly set. You can visit Amazon and purchase HERE!

*Disclosure: I received this product free from the company in exchange for my honest , unbiased opinion and review

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